How to Install

Our Reclaimed Brick-Tiles are incredibly easy to install with some careful planning. Follow our step-by-step guide below or check out our installation video to see how it’s done.
  • 01
    Remove any loose paint or plaster, and repair any flaking surfaces. Dust down the prepared surface and remove any grease or dirt. Seal the surface with a suitable primer. Mark out level lines using a spirit level on the blank wall surface.
  • 02
    Mix your tile adhesive to the desired consistency applying the adhesive to the surface at a depth of 3-4mm to an area you can cover quickly.
  • 03
    From the bottom upwards, stick your brick tiles to the desired surface, cutting in where necessary. Stick your second course, using your desired bond pattern and using spacers between courses. Complete the works whilst the adhesive is still workable.
  • 04
    Once all the tiling is complete ensure the tiles are clean and dry then apply the first coat of matt finish sealer to protect the surface of the brick-tile before the grout is applied.
  • 05
    If desired, when all the pointing has been completed, brush the whole wall to remove any loose deposits ensuring the surface is clean and dry. Apply a coat of matt finish sealer to the surface of the brick tiles using either a brush or roller.